Coordinated & Ancillary Programs

In addition to the targets being observed as part of the ULLYSES sample, there are more groups that are expanding the scope of the science goals of the ULLYSES program. This page serves as a place to list information about these additional efforts. If you believe you should have work listed here, please contact the ULLYSES team through the STScI Help Desk

Space-based Observatories

Observatory Cycle Proposal ID PI Title
HST 27 GO-15967 J. Chisholm Constraining the Stellar Astrophysics Powering Cosmic Reionization: Spectral Templates of Extremely Low-metallicity Main-sequence O-stars
HST 27 GO-15891,
C. Murray A pure-parallel, multi-headed attack on dust evolution and star formation in ULLYSES galaxies
HST 28 GO-16233 C. Schneider Jets and disk scattering – Spatially resolved optical and FUV observations of AA Tau
HST 28 SNAP-16230 D. Massa A NUV SNAP program to supplement and enhance the value of the ULLYSES OB star legacy data
HST 28 AR-16148 P. Senchyna Painting the first empirical picture of massive stars below the metallicity of the SMC with ULLYSES
HST 28 AR-16129 G. Herczeg Outflows and Disks around Young Stars: Synergies for the Exploration of ULLYSES Spectra (ODYSSEUS)
HST 28 AR-16131 D. Hillier CMFGEN: A key spectroscopic tool for astrophysics
HST 28 AR-16133 E. Jenkins A comprehensive investigation of Gas-phase element abundances and extinction by dust in the LMC and SMC
HST 29 AR-16616 J. Howk Interstellar tomography of highly ionized gas in the MW thick disk with ULLYSES
HST 29 AR-16623 C. Leitherer Feasting on the Riches of Odysseus’ voyage
HST 29 AR-16640 Y. Zheng Braving the storm, quantifying the effects of Ram Pressure and Stellar Feedback in the LMC
HST 29 AR-16602 K. Barger The LMC’s Galactic Wind through the eye of ULLYSES
HST 29 AR-16635 K. Tchernyshyov The first direct measurement of CO/H2 in subsolar environments using ULLYSES data
Chandra 22 22200086 H. Gunther The power of space: Simultaneous X-ray and UV monitoring if an accretion low-mass star
XMM-Newton AO-20 088206 C. Schneider HERA: High-Energy Radiation from Accretion in young stars

Ground-based Observatories

Observatory Cycle Proposal ID PI Title
ESO Period 106 106.20Z8 C. Manara PENELLOPE: the ESO data legacy program to complete the Hubble UV Legacy Library of Young Stars (ULLYSES)
ESO Period 106 106.211Z J. S. Vink X-Shooting ULLYSES: The Physics of Massive Stars at Low Metallicity
Las Campanas 2021b N. I. Morrell Magellan/MIKE spectroscopy of ULLYSES slow rotators
IRTF 2020B--2022A 2020B098,
W. J. Fischer LAERTES: L-Band Accretion Estimator Reconnaissance of TTS Emission Spectra

Charting young stars’ ultraviolet light with Hubble.

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