Core Implementation Team

Members of the Core Implementation Team (CIT) at STScI were competitively selected. The CIT includes:

Investigator Role
Julia Roman-Duval Core Implementation Team Lead
Jo Taylor Current Data Technical Lead
Rachel Plesha Current Data Technical Deputy
Travis Fischer Data Technical Deputy, 2020-2022
Alex Fullerton Current High Mass Star Observing Lead
Will Fischer Current Low Mass Star Observing Lead
Charles Proffitt Observing Technical Lead, 2019-2021
TalaWanda Monroe Observing Technical Lead, 2021
Gisella De Rosa Data Technical Lead, 2019
Joleen Carlberg Data Technical Lead, 2020
Alessandra Aloisi
Chris Britt
Tom Brown
Ivo Busko
Van Dixon
Elaine Frazer
Alec Hirschauer
Svea Hernandez
Bethan James 2019
Robert Jedrzejewski
Sean Lockwood
Cristina Oliveira 2019
Tyler Pauly
Neill Reid
Adric Riedel
Allyssa Riley
David Sahnow
Ravi Sankrit
Richard Shaw
Linda Smith
Tony Sohn
Debopam Som
Leonardo Ubeda
Dan Welty
Brian York

STScI Contributors

In addition to the CIT, many members of STScI have provided invaluable contributions to the ULLYSES program.

Information Technology & Services Division

Phil Grant
Alex Yermolaev

Archive Science Application Branch

Brian Charlow
Brian Erickson
Scott Fleming
Syed Gilani
Jennifer Kotler

Catalog Science Branch

Peter Forshay
Brian McLean
David Rodriguez

Office of Public Outreach

Claire Blome
Chris Britt
Joseph Depasquale
Cheryl Gundy
Andi James
Maura Kovacic
Zena Levy
John Maple
Joe Olmstead
Alyssa Pagan
Yesenia Perez
Christine Pulliam
Maria Shook
Ray Villard
Lara Wilkinson

Science Operations & Engineering Division

Tricia Royle

Scientific Advisory Committee

Made up of community experts on young low- and high-mass stars, the ULLYSES Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) was assembled to provide scientific advice to the CIT about the scientific aspects of the implementation process, including the selection of appropriate targets, filter selection, distribution of exposure times, and the relative priorities of different analysis tools.

Investigator Affiliation Country
Jean-Claude Bouret Laboratoire d’Astrophysique de Marseille france FRA
Catherine Espaillat Boston University france MA/USA
Chris Evans UK Astronomy Technology Centre france UK
Kevin France University of Colorado Boulder france CO/USA
Miriam Garcia Instituto Nacional de Técnica Aeroespacial france SPA
Chris Johns-Krull Rice University france TX/USA
Derck Massa Space Science Institute france CO/USA
Joan Najita National Optical Astronomy Observatory france AZ/USA

UV Legacy Working Group Members

The UV Legacy Working Group was established to identify the most effective strategy for achieving high scientific impact and return for an investment of 600 to 1000 HST orbits of ultraviolet observations related to star formation and the associated stellar physics. The working group, with input from the astronomical community, defined the overarching science case and goals for the program, and outlined a suite of observations necessary to accomplish them. The recommendations of the working group were summarized in a report published in December 2018. Full report (PDF link)

Investigator Affiliation Country
Sally Oey University of Michigan france MI/USA
Nate Bastian Liverpool John Moores University france UK
Nuria Calvet University of Michigan france MI/USA
Paul Crowther University of Sheffield france UK
Andrew Fox Space Telescope Science Institute france MD/USA
Jay Gallagher University of Wisconsin-Madison france WI/USA
Ana I. Gomez de Castro Universidad Complutense de Madrid france SPA
Gregory Herczeg Peking University france CHN
Claus Leitherer Space Telescope Science Institute france MD/USA
Christy Tremonti University of Wisconsin-Madison france WI/USA
Neill Reid Space Telescope Science Institute france MD/USA
Tom Brown Space Telescope Science Institute france MD/USA

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